Laser on Canvas

I’m gonna put my big boy pants on tomorrow and paint up a few canvases to do a burn. My biggest fear is starting a fire by burning at too much power and too low speed.I’m not gonna ask for exact settings, it wouldn’t matter anyway. What I was wondering is if the people that do canvas art usually use spray paints,which are mostly (mostly) oil based, or acrylic spray paint (kinda hard to get), or just brush an acrylic on?
I think I will load 2 heavy coats of white acrylic over a pre-primed canvas with a brush, but nothing is stopping me from just brushing on the last few coats with a water based medium…like quick drying as opposed to hours between coats.

Is there a benefit from oil or it doesn’t really matter? I would think it’s just less power for acrylic since it does not usually dry as hard?

Thanks for any advice.