Laser only cuts horizonally, not vertical

Hello, i created a new Layer to cut leather. The laser cuts well trough it but only on the horizontal side, on the vertical side, it wont cut trough it. It seems like the laser powers down. I attached some photos. Thanks for your responses. Greetings.

I’m guessing this is due the focus dot shape being asymmetric. In this case wider than tall. So cutting power is less focused along the Y-axis as compared to the X-axis.

Carefully check the focus dot shape at low powers on a dark surface. This will reveal the dot shape. Use this opportunity to confirm that your focus method is resulting in the best possible focus. You may need to adjust focus height a few mm in either direction with a fixed focus laser, or adjust accordingly with a variable focus laser.

Possible remedies:

  1. Not sure to what depth of the material you are currently focusing but you may want to experiment with focusing to different depths of the material (top, middle, bottom)
  2. Not clear how many passes you’re taking with this but perhaps just add another pass or two to complete the cut
  3. I’m not familiar with how air assist affects leather cutting but something to experiment with
  4. Run your cut at a 45 degree angle so that it averages out the dot shape
  5. Just increase power or decrease speed to brute force the cut

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