Laser only turns on in certain Y axis

So I’ve noticed this a few times last week when doing shift+Frame commands, the laser only comes on in certain sections. I’ll re-run the shift+Frame command, and it will always be in the same locations, normally in low Y values, across the whole X axis, close to the control board. When I’ve run the job itself, everything burns. Except today.

The laser moved back and forth, but the laser was not firing. The LED didnt’ come on, the fan didn’t activate, just… nothing. Running back and forth without firing. I moved the job about 400ish MM up the workspace, and its been running just fine.

The console doesn’t seem to register any change, either

Edit: Oops, sorry. I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 - 20w

i have no idea what laser machine you have - be it an Ortur like diode or one of those dream co2 machines but reading your symptoms it sounds like a cable issue that only has effect when it’s bent in that area – don’t know, it really is just a wild guess here.

Oops, sorry! I have an Ortur Laser Master 2, the 20w kind. I know I’ve had some concerns with the grounding issue, and I have mostly gotten that solved, so I’m not sure how to address a cable issue other than just ensuring the connections are tight.

Well not sure how long you’ve had it for = i’m at week 2 of using my orturLM2 20w and started getting weird issue with laser stuck between 70% and 100% meaning i can no longer focus or do engraving - even travel path are firing at 100%… I opened a ticket with Ortur and after a week of diagnostic a new mother board is on it’s way. I strongly suggest you also open a ticket with using this link as i doubt this is a Lightburn/software issue (one easy way to test this is are the same symptoms also happening when using LaserGRBL?)