Laser output Information

I am in need of a bit of guidance regarding the output of my laser.
Homebuilt 1200 x 600 laser with AWC708 pro controller and 100 watt rated tube with 120 watts max all under the control of Lightburn. My tube frequency is set at default 20Khz and 99% output as set in AWC708.

I have beenmeasuring with the output using one of Russ Sadlers Dohicky and a temperature meter and have taken many readings at different percentages and I am getting reliable repetive results so I am pretty confident on the output.

Where I am not so sure is the amout of output (watts) at the given percentages.

I started at 15% which gave an output of 20.4 watts. I did readings at every 5% up to 40% and then every 10% thereafter. At 25% I got 31.4 watts, 30% = 41.6 watts, 50% = 81.2 watts. At 80% I got 101.2 watts. The control voltage at 80% was 3.99 volts and current peaked at 27.4 mAh.

I am in no way knowledgable on lasers and I can see the output is not linear (not sure if it should be) and I am wondering if getting the rated output at 80% is correct especially as the PWM voltage is not even at maximum 5 volts. I wonder if I go higher I will exceed 28mAh and damage the tube.

Should I be adjusting the Laser power supply so as I get just under 100 watts approx at 100%?

Thank you


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