Laser output issues; software or hardware? where to start looking?

I designed something in Lightburn, and it cut/burned okay on a test piece of cardboard.

I used the cardboard cutout to locate my actual workpiece, only needing to adjust the height for focus (~8mm diff) and I adjusted speed/power settings for the material (Bamboo).

The actual output was distorted.
The text has a slight forward lean on the smaller font (looked like italics, but that wasn’t selected) for a short segment of text, and a longer section was backwards leaning and wavy. A very large italicized font was ‘clean’ but with a grossly exaggerated forward lean.

I also noticed that when I Framed the cut, it’s now off by about 1/2" to the right, all after adjusting the height for focus (?), and after correcting the Frame to the actual material, running frame to confirm, the post burn frame was again about 1/2" off to the right ?!?!

I’m ‘new’ to LB, but I didn’t change any settings (outside of speed and power) and successfully
did the very similar process for the previous, different project, without issue.

so what gives? where do I start to effectively troubleshoot this problem?

Windows 10P x64 and Lightburn,(both current and up to date)
Omtech 80w AF2435-80

It’s always nice to have the .lbrn2 file and a photo of the results that are not acceptable.

Read this and see if it’s related…


thanks, I’ll check that out and followup from there.

that was helpful, thanks.

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