Laser partially engraves what I have drawn on the office machine

I have a problem that happens from time to time.
I have two PCs that I work on. One that is in the office where I design Lightburn and other CAD programs, and one that is connected to my Redsail CM 1390. This one has a Ruida RDC 6442 controller. What happens is that it sometimes only partially engraves what I have drawn on the office machine. If I draw the same thing on the machine that is connected to the Laser machine, I get a perfect result. I have tried to provoke this by enlarging / reducing the logo and at a given size, about 50-100% magnified, the laser works as it should.
If I do the whole project on the machine connected to the laser, in the same resolution as everything is drawn in on the office machine, the result will be perfect.


Two different installations of the software, so there are many variables that could contribute to different results between the two computers. But, before any of that… How are the jobs delivered to the laser machine from the officer computer? Is it through the network?

Hi Jeff.
I have the same software versions on both machines.
I store everything on the server to a shared folder.
I have tested a lot today and found that it is the following font “Aero Matics Light” that creates the problem.
The following happens:
If it is less than 20 mm, it will only be partially engraved. If I go further down, in the end, only a few spots will be engraved .
If I enlarge it to over 35 mm, it will be nicely engraved.
By using the font “Aero Matics” i can go all the way down to 1 mm and the result is good.

I’m glad you got it resolved. Some examples of the variables that are introduced with different installations:

Layer Settings, Material Library, Font settings, font selections, DXF / SVG import settings, curve tolerance, laser offset, scanning offset, z axis control, origin setup, etc… Much of these having potential to effect differences in output (especially the layer settings).

The problem is not solved.
If I use “Aero Matics Light” and have a height of less than 20 mm, the laser will not engrave this correctly. Only a few dots are engraved.

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