Laser position reverse

Have K40 with Cohesion 3D controller running Lightburn in Win 7.
When I use the set position button the y moves in the wrong direction. Put the pointer on 2 it the laser goes to 6 on the work space ,have 8X12 work area. The x is ok and it does home right (0 + 0). Any ideas?

You’ve probably done what everyone does, and set the origin to the upper left, where “home” is, instead of lower left where the origin is. Change that in the device settings.

I have done and it does work but then the ruler is off. At the top left it reads 8" and the button is 0. When I change it in device setting the ruler also changes.

This is correct. Zero is where the ruler starts or it’s “Origin”. Have a look at this for additional info.

Thanks for the info, it help. Now if I can get a handle on this “out of bounds” msg one more problem taken care of.
Have a good day.