Laser power settings

Self-assembly machine, diode laser from china. GRBL firmware v1.1, on arduino uno + CNC shield.
Can’t figure out the laser power settings in Lightburn.
Firmware $ 30 = 1000
The Fire button works adequately. At 20%, it burns through the workpiece noticeably.
In the engraving settings I set 100% But there are barely noticeable traces on the workpiece. In the Lightburn settings, a maximum of S is also 1000. Please tell me which way to look?

Hast du auch in Lightburn die Leistung richtig eingestellt?

You left out the last and important part of the grbl version. What is the letter that follows the numbers? Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

It looks like the problem is in speed units. Forgot to switch to mm per minute.

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