Laser Problem after activation

Hi all, I am very new to engraving (less than 24 hours), and I have a Laser Master 2 that I set up last night. I did several test runs this morning and it functioned appropriately. Now, the machine says ready, it will frame, and when I hit start, it will activate for just a second and then shut off. It does leave a mark every time. This happened after a blown breaker from something unrelated. Is this a setting issue that can be altered? Thanks for all help.

Couple of things… 1) Type $$ in the console and press enter. Your controller will respond with firmware settings - copy those here so we can see them. 2) Using the “MOVE” tab, can you turn on the laser, at say. .050% power? Does it come on? Does it look the right power? ( make sure the “enable laser fire button” is checked.

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