Laser Protective eye glasses

I have a Ortur Master 7 Watt and thinking to upgrade to 15 Watt. My question is; I friend gave me protective glasses with engraving specs on the lens that read;
(800-1100nm 005+ 1060-1070nm 007+) on one lens and the other reads (800-1100nm DIR LB5 1000-1070 iR LB7 LP S CE). Sounds complicated, but, will these give me the eye protection I need to safely operate my Ortur?

They will not. The Ortur uses a blue diode laser, which is about 450nm. Those glasses are probably for a fiber galvo, which is close, but not the same.

OK Thanks for your reply! I would like to get glasses to go over my reading glasses. I have the glasses that came with the Ortur, so can you give recommendation?

The ones that came with the Ortur should work fine, unless you’re saying they don’t fit. I don’t have a specific recommendation, other than to make sure they’re spec’d for the 450nm wavelength.