Laser pulse delay on successive passes?

I have recently been cutting and engraving 3mm acrylic sheet and have naturally come across the issue of rough cutting edges and finding ways of getting a smoother result. This issue has of course been discussed in this forum before, and what I got from reading the various contributions was that it was best to cut very slowly (to maximise the heat of the cut) and to use air to prevent flame-ups but at low pressure (to again maintain the heat as much as possible). These methods seem to be quite successful, but the jobs become very slow for multiple units.

It got me thinking, that if multiple passes were used and it was possible to add a controllable delay to the pulse timing of the second (or third) passes to divide the pulse ‘period’ in equal amounts, then it might be possible to get finer cuts in the first place…A bit like using a finer hacksaw blade to get a smoother result.

I have no idea whether this is possible, indeed whether pulse delay management is available in the firmware in the first place, but thought someone in the group might know.

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