Laser Randomly stop moving - laser stays on

I am using Lightburn 0.9.11 on a Windows 10 Workstation. the laser is a Eleksmaker A3 Pro 2.5w, 1 month old with Grbl1.1e. laser is standard

i have successfully engraved and cut with the machine numerous times.

i have files that i am repeatedly running and completing. but every so often at random time into the work, the laser just stops moving, but the laser still has power, and just burns a hole in the piece. The software time counter goes up, but the percentage complete stays at the same percentage. its random time/percentage. even on the same file at different points.

I have checked for obstructions on the laser end and all is free.
i have reset the USB drivers
i have uninstalled light burn
i have reflashed the board on the laser
i have changed the USB cable and port used

The files do run other times successfully.

any ideas of how to make this more reliable?

Check your system and port sleep/power savings settings? These can interrupt communications between your computer and the laser.

Thats interesting, on this PC i have everything set to maximum performance, no sleep (had issues with rendering with power saving on). But just checking the Advanced Settings - “USB Selective Suspend Setting” was enabled - so i have disabled that and i’ll report back

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