Laser randomly working and not working during a burn

I tired searching but didn’t have much luck. I’ve had my laser for a few months and been having great success with engraving on wood. The last couple days I noticed when framing with the laser the laser will fire then go off, then back on again and off for the entire frame (in the same spots every time I frame). Did a couple burns no problems but now it seems to be doing it while doing a job. It will start off fine and then will stop burning, still moving but not burning. We paused it and checked the belt tensions and made some adjustments and finished the burn thinking we solved the problem. And changed the start position. When we went back to fix the part that it didn’t burn it stopped again in the same spot on the design. Any thoughts? We have checked all plugs and connections and they are good. We have only had the laser for 2 months and while we have been doing a lot of work with it I don’t think it should warrant it burning the laser out yet. New to lasers so I can use any tips please.

We have a Genmitsu LE5040

I had something similar happen, turned out it was an intermittent break in the TTL wire inside my cable chain (likely caused by repeated bending in the area). Found it by testing continuity of my wires while bending them in various ways.

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