Laser runs to the right at the start of every job; rams into frame of machine

I hope this is the right spot, but this is my first post so… please be gentle. I’ve got the ORTUR Laser Master 2. Set up the machine through the step by step. It recognizes the machine, and talks to it just fine. If I frame it, if I try to run the job, the laser moves all the way to the right, runs into the frame of the actual laser and then stops. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Any help appreciated. Thank you.

New info. Installed drivers and Lightburn on Windows 7 machine. Does the same thing.

Hi @stillnotsureifserious, I have a K40 CO2 that did the same thing on my first try with Lightburn. I fixed my problem by making sure I had the correct bed size selected in Device Settings, in Laser panel, I set the “start from” to Absolute Coords and just below that was 9 radio buttons for Job Origin and the lower right radio button is clicked. It’s odd with my laser and board as it seems to be the opposite of where it should be. My home location is back left and origin is front left. After messing around with these settings, it quit banging on the carriage when I selected frame.

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I fiddled around with the bed size settings. That didn’t do anything to help. But I noticed that it wasn’t moving front to back along with side to side, so I checked cabling and sure enough, the y axis motor wasn’t seated right. Reseated the cable… problem solved. Thanks for chiming in Allen, I appreciate the help.

This happened to me when I accidentally enabled the rotary when it was not attached. Make sure it is disabled in machine settings.

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