Laser Sculpfun 20w It does not cut 3mm wood

I bought a 20w sculptfun laser. I tested it and it worked! I bought my 935x905mm extension and since I installed the extension it doesn’t cut anymore! when I first tested it at 100% power and the speed of 620 I cut 3mm wood, now at 100% power and I reduced the speed to 55 and it still does not cut! I had a new lens, I mounted it and it still does not cut! Does the laser no longer shine so brightly, it no longer has power, it no longer cuts? What can it be? What happened? Do I still need to do some settings? Or has the 20w laser failed? Some advice please. (software Lightburn)

Can you input $i enter then $$ into console window and copy paste here?
Also paste cuts/layers window with a cut file loaded and device window.


You might check if the cabling is fine. Or just try if the old laser cable produces better results.
Additionally, make sure you didn’t turn the potentiometer on the y-axis by 90 degrees, as the manual states, but only 45 degrees. This might also lead to power fluctuation.