Laser settings question

On my 100w Chinese Laser using 6442S controller running LightBurn.

Is there a means to activate the actual laser at very low power to help me guide my work piece precisely under the laser tip? The red dot is real close to useless …as it is now the laser will only fire once the job is started.

I had been using a Jtech diode and it had that feature.

Using the pulse button will usually leave a mark where it is undesirable.


What you want to do is impossible with a CO2 laser, as the laser beam is invisible. The only way to see where it is is by leaving a mark on the material.

I understand, thank you.

What you seem to be asking for is a beam combining system that shoots a second visible red beam through the mirror system and down on to the work surface. Here is one example:

Another option that many of us have installed is mounting two red line lasers to the laser head so they form a cross/intersection right where the laser will fire.

Thank you Doug, I’ll take a close look at this, appreciate it !