Laser skip and losing steps


I’m new here. Hope that someone can help me with my problem. I got chinese laser CL-4060 with M2 nano controler.

X-axis works great but I have problems with Y-axis all the time. It’s losing steps (sometimes it’s just small like 1mm but sometimes it miss 5-10cm). I can hear when it skips because it make like cracking sound (watch video). Belt is skipping or step motor. I try loosen or tighten the belts but it just making it worse. Laser is brand new. I dealing with this problem for a month now.

Also sound from the video happen when I turn on laser but just if the head is already in 0,0. If it’s in the middle than initialization works fine.

With this problem engraving and than cutting is impossible.

M2 Nano is not a supported controller in LightBurn. How are you doing this?

I’m using CorelLaser

Your question is a going to be a bad fit for this forum as this forum is LightBurn specific if you were not aware. Topics are typically directly related to the software itself or tangentially connected to a problem being experienced.

There are likely people here that may be familiar with some of what you’re describing from other experiences but there’s no knowledge base here for the controller and software you’re talking about.

Only thing I can say about your issue is that assuming your stepper is configured correctly with your driver, if it’s skipping that means you’re going too fast or accelerating too hard. Adjust those down.

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