Laser skipping around but not losing steps

I am having issues with my laser skipping portions of my engraving. It has done it while cutting but only once.

The laser is not skipping steps as it returns to the origin point perfectly at the end of the job. The attached picture shows what it is doing, this is a fairly mild case, sometimes it will shift a few rows of fill to the left or right then return to center again. I have found that a reboot of the machine typically fixes it. Unfortunately I have ruined many projects and have not been able to figure out what triggers this. Any help would be much appreciated. I am running a Reid’s RDC6442G-B controller with v8.00.65 firmware.

More information needed. How is your machine connected? USB or Ethernet? Do you have a ground connection for the machine? Additionally, my machine is connected via a voltage regulator.

My first thought is that you are using a USB connection. I’ve found many projects, especially the larger ones or ones with detailed engraving will glitch in a random location. From what I’ve read, there is no error checking in the communication link via USB.

If you can connect via ethernet cable, you’ll likely get much better results. If you aren’t using USB, disregard this suggestion.

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I am using usb, I will try Ethernet and see if that fixes the issue.

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