Laser Skipping Lines during Fill

Please see the attached image. My laser is skipping lines during jobs. It seems to occur in the same spots, so even when I run it more than once it still skips in the same spots. Also, it happens most often at the top left corner of the machine. Within the top 2-3 inches of the y axis.
I’m having no problems at all during cuts, only fill.

I just upgraded to the latest version of LB after running .8 version for the last year or so. Not sure if I inadvertently changed a machine setting or if it’s something else. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m using the standard 50W Blue/White ebay laser with Lightburn

The faster I go, the more skipped lines there are. Which makes sense, of course, but the problem is that I’m using the same settings I’ve been using for the past yr or so. With the same laser running LB. Only difference I know so far is the upgrade and possible changed settings. But it may be something else also which is why I’m asking.

If it happens more often at a specific place on the machine, that likely points to something on the Y rails of the machine impeding smooth movement. Check to make sure the rails are clear of debris and the bearings aren’t damaged or dirty.

Ok, appreciate you.

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