Laser staying on during trasintions in "Line" mode - I searched for an answer but haven't found one that works for me


I am new to this software. I searched for my answer, but have not yet found one that works.

Anet A8 with standard mainboard
Marlin firmware
Using PWM output of fan to control laser

So as per the title, my issue is that the laser remains on when moving over whitespace when in “Line” mode.
It does not seem to do this in “Fill” or other modes (though have not yet had chance to play around very much).

I notice the “Minimum Power” is greyed out, I thought this was maybe the problem but then when I swapped the laser for the fan so that I could hear what it was doing, it was running at the speed I asked for all the time.
Interestingly at the end of the gcode, the laswer does switch off. Likewise, it SEEMS to switch off in white spaces when doing line/fill or just fill.

I cannot seem to find a way to stop it from doing this - I am hoping there’s something stupid and obvious that I have missed. I have seen this problem with other firmwares on the forum.

Please don’t be gentle, if I have been a moron please say so (and kindly say what I did wrong so I can fix it!).



Are you using the Marlin device profile in LightBurn?


yes. Your question even prompted me to sanity check.

Movements work correctly (verified with a sharpie cable tied to the print head before I put the laser on). I’m still tinkering and tuning but it seems odd that it just bangs the laser on as soon as the Gcode starts, rather than waiting until it us supposed to be on.

I’ve checked too that I am using the correct commands (M106 M107).

GCODE attached. I tried restarting the software etc.

Laser Test.txt (232.4 KB)

The commands in the file do not include an M107 anywhere, which is somewhat odd, but M106 S0 should set the fan power to zero, and there are plenty of those.

Yes I thought that was odd too.

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