Laser stays on 3018 pro

My laser won’t shut off when burning texts so a laser line is present. I changed as per your suggestion to make $30=1 . Well now when I try to set the laser at 20mm from object that is being worked on as per builders instructions. when I start a project the laser goes up and won’t stay at the recommended height. It did work before the change but I am lost on this one. So I am asking the laser gods for help. Now I know you are busy so I will wait patiently. Thank you oh mighty laser Gods that are on the focal mountain.

This is a good post to review,

The options for the ‘Z Axis Controls’ provided in LightBurn are covered in our in-progress documentation re-write found here,

Not $30, but $32. $30 should be 1000, and $32 should be 1.

Oh great and powerful lion king from Oz please forgive this old man ( I really am old 67 ) for my eyes are old and weak. I type the wrong $$#. All jokes aside thank you for the technical support. I’ve worked in the elevator field for 40 years and learned much. You have made it easy to understand what I have to do.

S’ok - I’m just about to turn 50 myself. :slight_smile:

My glasses need glasses at this point! And I am noticing I have been saying “Huh?” less frequently. Does this mean I am the qualifier? :man_shrugging:

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