Laser stopped during job with alarm of laser tube leak in old jobs

So, i got an alarm or laser tube leak during a simple job and laser stopped running.
After many hours i have noticed that this happened to some files made in 2018. I tried to make a new file, give a different name and the specific file has run ok.

Also i have observed the following letting me spot the problem with old files…
I have renamed some layers on LB like, cut (for red layer), light cut (for blue layer) etc. Opening the problematic files from 2018 i have noticed that the name of the blue layer (light cut) has disappeared. It says just C01. Opening a 2019 file with the same layer it says Light Cut.

So, the problematic files that stops my machine are the ones made back in 2018 and the way i say that is that the blue layer says C01, it looses the naming.

I do not know if all above make sense but this is how i troubleshooted it.

I hope and still have to see if all my files in 2018 will have similar effect.
Very frustrating though because i am scared that my machine could not be able to re-cut old jobs

The names are stored with the file - older files didn’t store the names. If you have a file where you’ve still got the older, problem one, and the newer, fixed one, send both files to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com with a description of the problem and I’ll have a look.

I can’t think of any reason that anything in the older file would cause trouble with the cut data - especially the layer names, since they’re not used for anything other than displaying to you.