Laser stopped firing. Pulse works ?!

Hey guys, having an black and red China 80Watts machine. I changed the Leetro to a Ruida 6445G. All worked fine. And while testing some different Speed/Power settings the Laser now doesn’t fire from one cut to the other.

So it worked, I changed Speed, no Fire :fire:
Changed the Speed back, still no Fire.
Off/On, nothing.
When I press the Pulse button it fires.

So what can that be ? Water Protect is on and works, otherwise it wouldn’t pulse, right ?!

What are your wiring connections between the Ruida controller and the power supply?

I do have 4 wires going over to the PSU of the Laser.


… and what are those connected TO?

Ruida controllers use active-low for the L-ON signal, and some other systems (TopWisdom, for example) use active-high, so if you’re connected to the L input on the power supply that’s likely ok, but if you’re connected to the H input it might not be.

No, I‘m connected to the L.
Like I said, it worked just fine, I did not change anything. I engraved one square, changed the speed and power, nothing.
Changed it back… nothing.
Power down and up again, nothing… :man_shrugging:t4:

Double check that the wiring isn’t loose anywhere - that happens. You said when you press ‘Pulse’ it fires though - pulse on the controller?

What power & speed settings are you using to run the cut? (speed, max power, min power)

Yes it fires when I hit the pulse on the Ruida.
That’s what I don’t understand.
Power is 65% Speed 20mm/s


Max Power is 65% Min Power is 1% in the Ruida

What is this Min Power setting?


The Min Power setting on the Ruida panel itself doesn’t matter. The one in the cut setting matters a great deal - if it’s too low, the tube won’t fire.

Ahaaa, my Min setting is on 1%.
I didn’t change that, so I wonder why it worked and then it didn’t ?!

It’s likely that engraving ignores that setting, but cutting definitely doesn’t. If you ran a fill first, then tried a cut, that could explain it.

Read here about how Min Power works:

I See, I decreased Speed ! That might explain it ! Thanks a lot !

Yes, if you went from 15mm/sec to 10 or 5 mm/sec, it would.

I‘ll check that tomorrow. Thanks a lot :pray:t4:

Once you get it straightened out, make a back up of your Vendor Settings. If you ever make a change and can’t get working, you can reload your back up and be back in business.

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