Laser stopping during engraving process

Newbie needs assistance…have been attempting to do some engraving, in particular this morning laser test file…it engraved the power percentages and when it started to engrave the the rest of the test the laser quit and returned to the home position, this has happened several times before this on other projects I was learning on, I pulled up my Console window and it showed the following:


start_home x

left limit trigged

start_home y


up limit trigged



M112 N0

M112 N0






































Thank you

In descending order of likelihood, that’s generally an indication of:

  • A cable being dislodged / jiggled enough to glitch it
  • A USB communication problem
  • A static discharge from the gantry, due to its plastic rollers, resetting the controller
  • A power supply problem resetting the controller

All of those are difficult to track down, because they’re all intermittent. Open the Console window before the machine fails, then capture the contents around the failure to get a bit more information.

Start by examining the wire layout to ensure none get stretched taut or snagged by the laser head / gantry at any position. With the power off, move the laser head around the platform while watching what happens to the cable and feeling for snags.

The USB cable included with the laser tends to be the worst sample that passed QC at some point in history. Upgrading to a known-good cable has eliminated plenty of problems for other folks, so, even if it’s not exactly your problem right now, it’s worth doing. IMO, a non-counterfeit brand name cable with ferrite slugs buys enough QC to work well, although we have seen some exceptions.

Check things out and report back!

If your laser supports an SD card, it might be worth trying that too. That would eliminate the USB issue entirely for the job.

…will certainly try all your suggestions, thank you so much for your time, will advise after troubleshooting!

thank you for your advice Joel, will purchase a new cable and keep fingers crossed!