Laser stopping mid way through burns

I am trying to figure out my issue hoping it’s something I’m overlooking due to my inexperience. However I am not sure if this is software or hardware however allow me to explain. I have been using my laser Ortur LM2 Pro 20w successfully cutting all sorts of little things out of wood and engraving on tiles however until I started trying to burn an image. Like the light burn just quits sending commands the timer continues to count but nothing coming out of the console and the laser isn’t doing anything.

Ive rechecked connections for tightness, checked / updated firmware, updated light burn, moved other electrical plugs/devices away, put laser on different circuit from compressor, replaced usb cord to one that has chokes on both ends.

My atomstack would do the exact same thing. It turned out to be static building up on the chassis. Make or get one of these bonding and grounding cables.

That’s what I have been narrowing down to as well. I’ve sent them an email as it’s a new machine. I was hoping it wasn’t as I’ve had issues with my vinyl cutter but only when it’s real dry and not humid in the winter.I appreciate the response!

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