Laser stopping randomly

I have a blue diode laser and have been using Lightburn for about 2 months. Things were ok, but now, every burn after the first one when starting the laptop just stops randomly. Not the same place each time, no error codes, no laptop errors, nothing. It happened once and then I downloaded the the newest software version, now it happens constantly. Windows 10 Laptop.

It looks like you’ve got a good version of GRBL (1.1f) and I’d like to know more about your engraver. Any kind of name or model number on it?

The two things that cause these symptoms most often are the high current power supply ( the one that powers the motors and laser ) and a less than perfect USB cable.

In the Console window there’s a switch on the far right that says ‘Show All’. Select that and try again on a failed piece. It may show motor noise or a data problem but it may not. If you see anything strange in the Console window when the laser quits please copy and paste it here. A brown-out should make the controller come back with the welcome/startup message that you show on the screen picture.

Screen capture tools produce much nicer images to work with. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s a Chinese laser setup, from a website called star engraver. The USB is the one that came with it, perhaps it is the cable. I’ll do the show all and run some later.

Ok it was all good then said “connection lost”.
I had changed the USB cable before this. It was about 25min in to the engraving.
I also changed the USB port.

I had a similar problem with the Atomstack X7. I would get about 1/4 through a job and the laser would reboot. I thought it was the computer, so I ran it from a micro SD card. It did the same thing. I had Atomstack send me a new controller board. The only difference I noticed was two chips on the board had a slightly larger heat sink on them than my original board had. The new board went about 1/3 of the way through the job. So I 3D printed a back cover for the control box that had a hole and mounting holes for a 25mm fan. The fan blows on the two chips with the heat sinks. The laser has not hiccuped once since I did this.

Oh boy. That seems like a lot of work. You’d think more would have this issue if that was really a concern.

I’m running one now and am 45min in and still going. I plugged it directly into the wall outlet and made sure nothing was turned on TV/cable box i have setup in garage as well.
Going to suck if I can’t watch TV while in the garage lasering with a nice cigar and bourbon.

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I suspect (or rather, hope) it’s an isolated problem. My energy supply wasn’t an issue. But I think those two chips might be running close to their thermal limit when at full speed and power. I let them know about the problem and they are looking into it. Mmmmm Bourbon…

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