Laser stops about 80% done

When engraving an image the laser machine never finishes the job. Tech tells me the image is not big enough when sent through my Mac Book Pro to Lightburn. But I’m new and the machine is new about a month old CamFive 3624 with a 100watt tube. Doing images around 12” by 24” on Basswood. Help please Thanks!!

OK, how far does it get and does it stop at the same spot each time? This happening for all image files you work with, or just this one? Share the LightBurn settings for the job.

How are you connected to the laser? How long is the cable?

No idea what this means, sorry, maybe try rephrasing.

I think we have it figured out I’m going to run one tonight or tomorrow … Lightburn support told me how to do! I’m hoping that’s what is it!

@Rick - I suggested ‘Send’ instead of ‘Start’, and the new update.

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