Laser stops in the middle of project

Newbie here. First the particulars: Aufero 1 laser, LU2-4-SF laser module. Lightburn trial, running on Windows 11 desktop. Project is an image 5x5. Although this issue has happened in previous projects.
The laser will be going along nicely, no issues and then just stops. No error messages, no sounds, nothing. Timer is still counting down.
Just wondering why?

When I first got my laser (Ortur LM2 Pro) I was having the same problem (ruined a bunch of tumblers). I replaced the USB cable, the power supply and made sure that USB inactivity was not allowed to put the PC to sleep (more of an issue on laptops). Ultimately, the problem (for me) turned out to be a CPU resources issue. I happened to have “Task Manager” running during a job when it stopped with about 10% left to go. I glanced at the Task Manager icon and it was maxed at 100% CPU usage and stayed that way for a while. My anti-virus program had decided to start a scan during my tumbler engrave and there was no CPU overhead left for USB communications. I now disable the anti-virus, firewall (Zone Alarm) and one or two others (I don’t remember their names) before I start a job and I haven’t had a problem since. My suggestion would be to monitor Task Manager and see if there is anything sucking up all the resources when you’re running a job and go from there. There could be any number of reasons for your problem to occur, this solution work for me.

So I’m a laser cutter newb. I had an issue with my Ortur Laser Master 3 LE. In the middle of a project the machine stopped, the light turned red and the machine was beeping. It scared me, so I immediately turned the machine off. When I turned it back on, it was doing the same.

I read a related post that said that someone’s machine was doing something similar because it was on an electrical outlet with large appliances on the same circuit. So I switched to a different outlet and that seemed to fix the problem. No beeping and the light was green. Now when I try to use my machine I get a message saying that a project has been paused, or the machine is busy so it cannot proceed. How do I un-pause a project that stopped in the middle and was disconnected? Can anyone please help?