Laser stops lasering 3/4's way through sometimes

I have been using LB for a year now, no problems until recent. Starting about 3 weeks ago I have had the laser stop after only completing about 3/4s of the way through 3 times. When I run the project again, using same settings, it works. Anyone have an idea what is going on and how to correct this? I am connected via USB cord and I get no error messages.

The machine stops, or the beam quits?

The machine stops as if it completed the project. Doesn’t happen all the time but on one occasion it stopped during a tumbler job, not finishing about a quarter of the job. Today it stopped on a flat wood job, not finishing about a quarter of the job. Running it again, it works. No error messages. I’m at a loss.

That happend to me several times as well but only with large amounts of data and if the transfer of the data to the laser gets interrupted somehow (I’m using a network connection). So the laser starts the job until the last data it has received.

To test if this might be the case in your situation you could save the job as a file on your laser or on an USB stick or something like that (it depends on the laser controller you are using) and run it from there and see if it also stops before the end of the job.