Laser stops with no reason

Hi there,

I have a peoblem with my 2pcs and 2 lasers vigotec VGL7P. Both has the same issue, they stop in the middle of the work from time to time.

I already did everything I could:

  • Changed the usb cables
  • Changed power supplies
  • Did grounding
  • Added UPS so they dont use AC from the socket
  • Updated bios
  • Updated usb versions CH340
  • Changed usb setting so they dont go to sleep

Any further suggestions? Please help :slight_smile:

Sounds like static build up,try attaching a wire from the laser frame to the earth pin of a three pin plug, this worked for me on a vigotec vg-l7 20w. That happened a few times to me but since I did this I’ve haven’t had any more problems.

This is grounding, I did that. Frame, laser, usb is grounded.

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