Laser suddenly not working

I just fired the laser to make a test cut. It worked perfectly. Now suddenly, it will not fire. I can pulse the laser and I am getting output on the pulse, but for some reason the laser is not cutting. I decided to check the magnetic lock on the lid, that does not seem to be the problem. I checked that the code is showing output turned on. I checked the controller settings to ensure that the laser was turned on. IT was. The system went from cutting perfectly to not firing at all. The water is on, and not showing an alarm. I am kinda stumped.

It’s not clear from your post. You say the laser does fire when using pulse. But you’re saying the laser doesn’t fire.

Are you saying if you send a job to the laser that the laser goes through the motion but the laser does not fire at all? Or possibly that it’s going through the motions, the laser is firing, but not cutting through?

Can you try to describe what you’re doing, what you’re expecting, and what’s happening instead?

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