Laser takes off to the right corner on Start

Auto home is disabled, no limit switches. Running GRBL. Made the origin in the center. Laser frames the project perfectly, but when I hit Start the laser flies off to the upper right corner of my Nasum A5 Pro. Please help!

A few tips:

  1. Make sure you’re starting the machine with the laser at the front left of the machine. This will set your machine coordinate accordingly.
  2. Don’t use user origin in Start From if you’re just starting out. It can be counterintuitive. Stick to Absolute Coords where possible. Then current position. Then user origin. Absolute Coords equates the location on your workspace to your laser bed so is fairly straightforward.

I tried it in both Absolute Coords & current position. The same thing happens. It will frame correctly but after hitting start it goes up to right corner.

Not the answer you are looking to find. But why are you running your laser without limit switches?

The Nasum A5 Pro comes with know limit switchs

Is it possible to add them? Absolutely worth it.

Did you follow step one of my post and get the same results with absolute coords and current position? What you’re saying is making even less sense as even if there was a problem you’d expect different behavior in the 3 methods. Is the behavior exactly the same or any subtle difference?

What happens when it moves to the upper right corner? Does it crash into the frame? Please provide as much detail as possible. Are you getting any message in the Console window? How do you recover?

Likely but a pain with this machine as I suspect this is a clone of the Atomstack and Atomstack do not allow you to write GRBL configuration changes. So you need to redo the configurations with ever restart.

Yes it was crashing into the right corner. I then typed in G92 X0 Y0 hit enter and then typed $10=0 in the console. Using Absolute Coord the laser did work just fine. I’m not sure if I will have to type those commands in every time I’m about to run a project. I’m going to try burning a different pic and see what happens.

As long as you follow the startup procedure you shouldn’t have to initiate G92 nor change change $10. Just confirm it by seeing if 0,0 is reported at powerup.

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