Laser test fire controls in LightBurn

Where do i find the laser test fire controls in lightburn ?

Generally speaking, a test fire button would be on your controller, unless you have a diode laser and are looking for a way to enable for focusing, in which case that would be here:

Please do not use this if you have a CO2 machine - the control is not a pulse, but a continuous fire.

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thank you for the reply. I have a co2 laser with a new laseboard that isn’t firing.

The power supply itself has a test fire button on it, and usually the panel on the machine too (if it’s a K40 it will). If either of those work, but a simple rectangle cut at 20% doesn’t fire then you most likely have a wiring issue, and C3D would help you resolve that.

Oz thank you for your reply, my laser will fire from the power panel but not through the c3d card.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to turn on the laser?

No - for CO2 systems that would be incredibly dangerous, and most diode lasers have a small “low power dot” button on them. LightBurn does have a shortcut for enabling the beam during framing: hold Shift when you click Frame.