Laser travelling to wrong place when job starts

I have been sent the artwork from the usual chap that I work with. And the ai files look the same (they’re taken from a previous jig). I

(It is 8 small bottles with etching)

I target the two bottles for the test and the laser moves to below the jig and then goes from left to right on a single line at the base of the bed.

WE checked that settings are the same and I think they all are, but is there anyone who could help me ?

If I can ind someone who knows this world (as I am the least technically minded person – I make fragrance for personal and home) I would be happy to pay for ongoing help. I just need some support.

Please ?


Please post a screengrab of your settings and upload the file you are using, it will help everyone figure out where you’re at because your description doesn’t give enough information.

Also a pic of how you have it setup on your laser with the project on it.

Hi there -

I’m so sorry that I didn;t give enough information. The photographs attached are

Artwork (how it should look)
Artwork (how it looks when it opens in ai)
Settings on screen and machine
jig and bottles laout inmachine
screen LCD

Is this better

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