Laser Tree 80w 24v pin

Do i need to change any settings in my program once i installed it? Granted I’ve been using it and haven’t noticed it being under powered. It was brought to my attention that i may need to. Was just wondering. TIA

Is it a grbl or Ruida controller?

You will change the setting as the materials and speed dictate, if that’s what you mean…?

There are LOTS of settings around. Did you go through the installation suggested by Lightburn?


Grbl olm2pro upgraded to the laser tree that is a dual beam instead of the single. May need to ask in the olm group. Wondering if i need to change anything so the system knows its dealing with a more powerful laser head?

Don’t need to, the controller doesn’t care if it’s 1 watt or 1k watt. That’s why power settings are in a percentage.

That translates to it being your problem with setting speed/power…

Good luck


Thank you. Kinda what i thought, but I’m new to all this.

No perspiration.

Take care


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