Laser Tube Arcing? (Video link attached)

Not lightburn specific, but looking for some general laser help.

I have a 130w China red/black laser.

I’ve noticed a drop in power over the last several weeks. I noticed some algae growth in our system, so I cleared out the old water and flushed out a second time adding a little bleach. Now our tube is crystal clear with new distilled water, but the same arcing issue is occurring.

Do I need to purchase a new tube?
Any help would be appreciative!

That’s not arcing, it’s just the charge leaving the plasma at the cathode (?) end. Arcing would happen somewhere along the tube itself, or the wiring, and produces a pretty distinct electrical ‘snap’ sound, like a tiny lightning bolt.

If you have a power drop, check things like mirrors and lenses to make sure they’re clean. Your tube plasma has a nice purple color, so it appears to be ok (white is a dead tube).


Thank you Oz! You just made my day! :slight_smile: