Laser turns off

I bought a new laser “Ortur Lasermaster 2”.
According to the manufacturer, this laser should work with their software!
With the previous model (Alfawise C30) everything worked great.

  1. Your software cannot find the Laserre when setting it up under Windows 10.
    So I set it up manually according to the manufacturer, but it doesn’t work properly!

  2. If I want to laser a vector graphic, the software terminates after about half a minute!

  3. With the GRBL setting, there are always interruptions in the connection to the laser
    Only when I reload the Com-Port does it work a few times.
    Everything works perfectly with LaserGrbl!

Ask for their help

In LaserGRBL, are you using “synchronous” or “buffered” mode for the streaming mode?

If you are using “synchronous”, that is likely the difference. LightBurn is getting this mode soon as well - it is a little slower, but does not stress the communication system of the laser as much, and is less prone to errors.

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