Laser will Home, but will not jog manually

A friend gave me his k40 laser that he had, but hasn’t used since 2021. The original board was replaced with a LX4 Legacy board. After installing the drivers, my PC can find it no problem and so does Lightburn. The machine will Home just fine and I can pull up the console, get answers, etc from it however when I go to manually jog the laser anywhere, it switches from Ready over to Busy and never moves or leaves the busy state.

I’ve reached out to the board developer and am getting help on Monday, but was hoping maybe someone here would have some ideas so I can get up and lasering for the weekend.

Thanks in advance

When it homes, what are the coordinates that it is reporting?

It gets me these coords -


You have gone thru the device setup and set your work coordinates?

Uhh I believe so. Do you mean setting it up when I added the device? Setup bed size, origin is upper left, etc.?

Coordinates aren’t my strength. Try shutting it off and manually moving it down to left front corner and typing into console G10 L20 P1 X0 Y0 ,enter. This should help.
Limit Switches - Diode Laser Wiki (

Actually, updated firmware and I believe I’m good to go. Now to get some water pumpin and see how the tube is after sitting for two years. Thanks for taking the time to help me today :slight_smile:

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