Laser will not burn anything

I can’t get the laser to burn anything. I did a hard reset of lightburn and still won’t burn. Shows power in cuts/layers box at 100%
any help would be appreciated
I know its working because it burns just fine using GBRLlaser

Almost certainly you’re trying to run it faster than the hardware is allowing you to, and that is reducing the output power instead. Read here, under the Power / Speed graph where it talks about the maximum speed of 3018 CNC’s:

$$$ gives me an unrecognized command
in edit, machine setup there are no laser values, just spindle rmp 1000 er rpm

$$ (two of them, not 3)

not sure what i did but lightburn has turned my machine into a paperweight. geeeez


































I’m a newbie have know idea what i’m doing but all my laser does now is move a little, blast some light, and growl at me. so so frustrated

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