Laser will not engrave dark enough

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro… only 2 months old, has worked fine untill all of a sudden it won’t engrave more than a hint of an image or text. Have done the Ortur test with Ortur support and power and speed work great, but when I create an image or text it won’t print but a very lite display. It may have started after I installed the recent upgrade, anyone else have this problem? do I just need to reload the software?

This is almost never the right answer as it’s not likely to address the core issue.

I’m not sure if I understand this situation. Are you saying the test pattern works correctly? If so, that means the laser is perfectly capable of engraving. Can you duplicate the cut settings from the test pattern and use those to engrave your designs?

Power settings of 3000 and 80% should have worked great according to the test grid, and did just fine before this. But they just produce a very light image now

How is the test pattern working for that same setting? Something is not apples to apples. Are you burning to the same material?

Another user found that he had dirty contacts going to the laser… by cleaning the contacts he was able to recover power to the module.

Also check for a dirty lens.

Same material, I will clean the lens, but why would it work with the test pattern downloaded into Lightburn, then not work immediately afterwards on a created. Image

That’s my question. There’s something not quite apples to apples so trying to understand if there are other variables at play.

Material, program used, settings, anything. If all factors were the same you should get the same results.

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