Laser Will Not Finish - KentokTool JL5

Hello, I am new to this and any help is greatly appreciated. Whenever I try to engrave / cut, my laser comes on, cuts the first “section” i.e. the first letter or square, then even though it continues to track the rest of the design like its engraving/cutting, the laser shuts off only cutting the first object. I had this happen using the GRBL software and the Light Burn. Laser: Kentol JL5 Computer: Windows 11


When you added your machine to lightburn you used the automatic detection or you manually added it in?

I would recomend importing the profile from their website

Download the latter link → go to devices → IMport → select the file

Then try something simple again?

Also in console window type $i press enter
And copy/paste the output here please?

I automatically detected. Not sure how to manually add.

This is the output when I typed $i

Waiting for connection…



[MSG:Using machine:Kentoktool_JL5]








I am looking for the devices IMport but do not see it. I did find the import prefs under the file heading, but when I try to import the file it does not recognize the ext .ibdev. sorry to be such a newbie but i appreciate the help. A little more info, when I ran the LightBurn Interval test, everything printed fine, but when I tried the GRBL cutting test, it only did the first box but while continuing to trace, the laser shut off.

I was in a rush earlier and missed the devices setting but now found it. I updated as you mentioned and seems to working ok now. Thank you so much. I appreciate your help!

Fantastic! For future reference and maybe others
Could you post a Edit → Device setting sscreen shot just so we can peak?