Laser won’t fire on ramp test.but works to pulse

My laser works fine when I pulse, but when I try to do a ramp test the head moves but the laser is not firing, as soon as the head has stopped I pressed the pulse and it works fine

Can I ask what operating system, what brand and model of laser, controller etc :blush:
Even if I’m not familiar, others who are will need the info :blush:

Does your machine work when sending a normal cutting job?

Are you using the Focus Test tool? Does your machine have stepper-controlled Z-axis? Saying ‘when I try to do a ramp test’ without knowing whether the machine is cutting normally doesn’t really help diagnosis. Post the job you used.

Could this be a door interlock or water protect issue?

Are you trying to run the machine with the door open?

If you have a water chiller, is it on?

It won’t pulse if the interlock is engaged

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