Laser won’t return to “home” (front left)

When I press the home button the machine goes to a random spot and often hits a rail and continues to keep trying to motor through the rail.
Is there some standard settings I can check

Have you gone into the ‘machine settings’ and checked that it has your work surface the correct size?
Similar thing started happened to me yesterday, checked everything.
went to ‘machine settings’ in ‘edit’ at the top of the screen and found both ‘x’ and ‘y’ were both the wrong measurements, adjusted them and seems to work fine now :crossed_fingers:

Where should I see work area size?

Not at my laser right now but you’ll see ‘x’ and ‘y’ listed with your size work area, probaly not the correct size, the sizes of mine were correct just the wrong way round.
I changed them around and mine works fine since.

P.s have to be connected to the laser to edit.

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