Laser won't connect in (X)ubuntu

I have a Neja Master 2S max and am trying to use (X)Ubuntu 20.04.
It won’t detect automatically so I set it up manually.
Under “Devices” ttyUSB0 GRBL are showing but the laser remains disconnected.

It works under windows but I want to use Linux.

Did you follow the Lightburn instructions for installing on a Linux machine? That includes setting up the dialout group for the login userID you are using.

If you type “ls -l /dev/ttyUSB0” do you see something like:
crw-rw-rw-+ 1 root dialout 188, 0 Dec 10 06:08 /dev/ttyUSB0

And when you type “groups” do you see “dialout” in the list?

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Before I delve into a terminal, can you please first give me the link to the instructions for installing on a Linux machine? I can’t see them.

Check here:
Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation

If you see a USB device detection event in your system log but there is no ttyUSB[0-9] device it may be the CH340 USB serial adapter problem. There is a braille terminal based on that adapter and you may have a configuration for that even if you don’t need it. Unfortunately that configuration inhibits the creation of the ttyUSB device and Lightburn cannot access your engraver. Note the vendor/device ID and search in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/* If an entry shows up edit that rules file, comment the line found and reload with udevadm control --reload-rules.

top level Lightburn documentation is here and as pointed out by another there is a Setup link for Installing and specific OS instructions too.

You will be wanting to keep this link handy as you learn Lightburn and your laser -

OK, Let’s take a step back…
First, I suggest that the link for the (vital Linux) install instructions is put on the actual download page so people know they even exist, don’t miss vital first steps and get fed up! Somewhere in here might be good?: Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

I am now starting from scratch on a different computer, using LUBUNTU 20.04.
Q: If I already downloaded a trial version to this IP recently, does that affect reloading another one?

I Installed Lubuntu 18.06 and upgraded that to 20.04, then did the USB tweaks via the console as per the installation instructions here: Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation (Thanks berainbl !). I then proceeded to reinstall Lightburn. This time The laser showed “ready” but would not connect. (shown “waiting for connection” in the console window).
The other day I changed the baud rate in Lightburn to 921 600 (via the “toolbox” window at the top) and by re-flashing the Laser firmware. I changed that back again to 115 200 on both. Still no joy.
I then moved the USB lead around various USB ports on the Computer and found the active one, so was able to move the laser around!
Thanks for everyone’s input! To help others, please move the installation instruction link onto the Lightburn downloads page.
Tomorrow I will try actually cutting something, so I may be back for more advice…


Happy to hear you got it going and I agree, it was tough finding the installation instructions and the first place I looked was the Download page.

I have found some devices don’t like USB 3.x ports so well done trying different ports. If you get into using the camera at some point take a look at my script for getting a bunch of gstreamer libraries to use with Lightburn if you have problems. GitHub - dlarue/LightBurnLibs: gstreamer-1.0 libs are needed to get camera working

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