Laser won't fire

Hello everyone. Please keep in mind that I’m extremely new to all of this. I purchased a laser engraver from Universal Engravers. Its a 3000mW laser and has engraving dimensions of roughly 600mm x 480mm. I started using Benbox and really can’t stand it. I downloaded the lightburn software and started tinkering with it. I can get my machine to move in the correct way (seems to move in the correct pattern for my image/text), but the laser is not firing at all. It will fire if I hit the “fire” button on the screen, but nothing when I hit “start”. It just goes through the motions. When I installed it, it didn’t recognize my machine, so I did it manually. I set it up as Emblaser A13 as this is the first one that would connect. ANY help in this would be greatly appreciated.

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