Laser won't move correctly

Ok, needing some help from anyone with Cohesion3d and light burn. Trying to figure out if board issue, or LightBurn issue.

This is Lightburn telling laser to go 200mm on X, and 0mm on Y…/16on68s77OOvb9EgwNdZdeD5M3…/view…

Lightburn telling Laser 200mm on Y, and 0mm on X…/16tMDbOp5s28BhBSpDjhP64bFM…/view…

Who knows…maybe it’s something stupid and I’m missing it or overlooking it. I’ve tried updating the firmware in the Cohesion3d board, I’ve even put original config file just in case settings were wrong. Also if you hit Home, it will goto home, and stop at both endstops correctly.

That is exactly what it’s supposed to do. 0x 0y is in the front left corner of a K40 with a C3D board.

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