Laser wont turn off

No matter what I try to burn, the laser (Ortur Laser Master 2) turns on and begins to burn but does not ever turn off. The result is a black spot on my projects. It should turn off when moving between burn areas but does not. When the project is complete the laser remains on until the timer times out and it shuts off creating a burn hole. How do I fix this.
Whan I first got the laser and ran Light burn, it worked wonderfully.

There are diagnostics for this but you have to chose if you can do it or not. If you can remove the PWM control to it. It should not fire. I don’t know that laser in particular, but most of these are PWM controlled and if that circuit fails it usually sticks hi or lo, so it’s on or off. Unless you have a way to disconnect or best, a scope on it. It sound like a hardware failure. :frowning: Sorry…

Do you have any kind of test equipment?

Check to make sure that the $32 setting is set to 1. You can check this by typing $$ in the console and pressing enter. If that value is set to 1 already, there’s a decent chance you have a bad laser driver, in which case the best thing to do is open a ticket with Ortur Support.

I typed in $$ in the console but nothing came up under (type commands here)

I don’t have any test equipment. I will have to try something else

Ok - noticed that the laser was not on. Now after typing in $$ the reading for $32 = 1

I think they want to know if it was set properly or you changed it and was there is a change in operation. :slight_smile:

No, i had not changed it.
Also, the jpeg or png images i import to burn come out as a solid burn. The entire project comes out as one big black blob. I guess its a hardware failure as the one guy said.
Thanks for the input and clarification.

I believe you have received a suggestion for the next step. :slight_smile:

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