Laser Won't Turn On

error: Alarm lock



Target buffer size found






Starting stream

Stream completed in 0:00

ALARM: Hard limit

[MSG: Reset to continue]

error: Invalid gcode ID:99

The laser blue light will not even turn on. It keeps saying busy, but we have no projects going on it. We have tried restarting both the laser and the computer as well. We cannot get it to work?? This is only our 2nd day with it. Anyone please help.

It 's complaint is a ‘hard limit’. That usually means one of the limit switches became active when it was running.

You need to do a reset to get it out of this mode. It has lost it’s location.

A Ctl-X might allow you to ‘talk’ to it. There is a switch for a reset or in the worst case, power cycle the board/machine.


Could you tell me how to do a reset.

Sorry I was editing…

All of my controllers have a reset button. Yours might also.l

However one reset button is almost impossible to get to, so I power cycle it.


How do I do a power cycle?

Missed you… Sorry

Just unplug it and plug it back in…


Thank you!

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