Lasering multiple items at once

Hi there
Where can i learn to be able to laser several items at once. Keychains or pens for example
Thank you

Usually you have some kind of ‘jig’ to hold the parts at a repeatably set position.

This is how I do it…

I have holes drilled in my lasers table. It’s actually a piece of rolled sheet steel that sits in where the honeycomb was. The holes are visible at the top of the photo by the magnet… That is the left side of the machine.

I use it to align a ‘jig’. This one is for tile.

Here is a couple of files from my ‘templets’ directory. You can import them and use it to align objects.

Create the template file…

slate-round-4-in.lbrn.txt (48.6 KB)

Then end product

This is the basic procedure.

  1. setup the material for the template
  2. cut the alignment holes, for alignment pins
  3. put alignment pins in holes
  4. replace in machine
  5. ensure you are in absolute coordinates in ‘Start from’
  6. cut the holes, I elevate it for air flow, that’s the finished template.
  7. use a copy that’s imported to place your artwork in the inside tool line
  8. with absolute coordinates the art should line up with the holes.

This is how I do coasters. I have one with 6 holes also, 4-inch-round-X6-pattern.lbrn2.txt.

Make sense?


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yes thank you very much

It sounds real simple, but there are numerous pitfalls. You have to be confident with your coordinate system…

Good luck


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