Lasering off of material

I am trying to create this small board and the laser keeps going right off of the top edge.

My board measures exactly to the measurements as what is attached. I am at a loss as to why this isn’t laser on correctly.

I don’t want to lose another piece of nice Cherry and I haven’t ever had this issue previously.

As you can see, the 3 is running off the edge of the board. I’ve quadruple checked my measurments so I know they are right.

A couple questions:

  • Where does the laser head trace when you click the ‘Frame’ button?

  • If you create a simple rectangle of the size of your job and run that on a piece of cardboard, does it come out the right size?

  • This looks like an image - do you have the ‘Pass Through’ option enabled, by chance?

Since the image on the wood is vertically stretched (the HOME arrows look square in LightBurn but tall on the wood) I’m guessing that you squished it vertically in LightBurn, but if Pass Through is enabled, LightBurn won’t resize it because that requires resampling. That one is my best guess. If you can post the LBRN file here I can check it.

Here is the file. bowman board - front.lbrn (11.8 KB)

Now that I’m in here, I do see that I’ve asked a question about this before. I totally forgot about it. I saw that ENABLE ROTARY button was turned on. I will turn it off and see if I can get it to run properly. I bet this will solve the problem.

Yes, that would cause the Y axis to scale, and would certainly cause you grief.

It’s good to get into the habit of using the ‘Frame’ button to check the scale of your work before you run the job - that should have shown that it was going to go outside of the work piece size in this case.

Pro tip: I use cardboard to diagnose problems. Works great and once you have your machine/design issues sorted, go for the real thing.

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